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Surrendering the Secret: Post-Abortive Healing Ministry and Bible Study

Women experiencing a struggle with a past abortion can find support and healing through the ministry of Surrendering the Secret. Post-abortive women can speak, confidentially, with a ministry leader who is also post-abortive and begin to find supportive resources. There is also an opportunity to find God’s freedom and redemption through an eight-week Bible study. The study will journey with women to release this burden and find freedom through ‘redemptive community’ while experiencing hope and joy as shame and failure are replaced with beauty.

If you are post-abortive and are looking for a safe place to journey to new levels of freedom and forgiveness with God, Surrendering the Secret is the safe place you are looking for. A new session is beginning mid-February 2014. 

To confidentially contact a post-abortive ministry leader, email

Study testimony: 

“The Surrendering the Secret journey made a huge impact on me. I always knew that God is a compassionate God who loves us and forgives us for our sins, but never really felt forgiveness for 'that' sin, my abortion. It was too awful. The process of the Surrendering the Secret study helped me to release that sin and truly feel forgiveness.

“The first few weeks of the study were an incredible roller coaster ride of emotion, bringing up feelings I thought I had long buried and I didn't want to re-live. The middle was even messier as I started to believe God's truths about the whole picture and I started to gradually deal with why I held on to my own un-forgiveness of myself.

“I finally came to accept the beauty and peace God wanted for me and in the end I was relieved of a lot of pain as I was actually allowed to mourn for the children that deserved to be acknowledged. I am so grateful I did this study and am forever changed. I have been a part of many Bible studies, but none have impacted me quite like this one. I strongly encourage anyone who has had an abortion to go through this study. It is life changing and really powerful.”